Why Networking?

Networking is a great place to start.

You’ve probably heard of network groups before (or maybe even shown up to a few), but they can easily feel like a waste of time. Here at Network One, we help serious business owners connect with other, like-minded businesses to grow their sales success in a low-pressure environment.

At its best, networking can help you build professional friends and advocates, learn more about the industries of others, and drive business growth. Network One meetings are carefully designed to support you and your network. No high-pressure sales tactics. No stacks of business cards. Just genuine friendship, learning and business.

One place for your networking needs

Our open door policy means you can bring a guest along any time you like. Whether you’ve got a client needing a pitch, or a business relationship you want to keep growing, make the most of your morning with Network One. We let visitors come along any time to your group, just for the cost of breakfast. Make the most of your morning & get your networking done in one place. Why not come along this week and experience the growth yourself?

Who we’re looking for.

We’re always keen to hear from businesses that want to get involved. Here are a sample of the industries we have vacancies for right now.

Startups and Entrepreneurs
Business and Corporates
Creative Youth and Students

What our members say

It’s grow time. Are you ready?