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About Network One

Canberra’s number one choice for networking

The Network One business network group is Canberra’s fastest growing and number one networking choice for making your business better.

The focus of Network One is to make referrals with other businesses within the group, all while enjoying breakfast together (with coffee, of course). Our members enjoy these breakfast meetings in the pleasant surrounds of the EQ Cafe in Deakin. Our weekly meetings are especially powerful when you see the great range of different business people banding together. We become like an extended family to support and help grow your own business.

Network One really has the A to Z of businesses covered from accountants, real estate agents, and IT professionals to financial advisers, travel agents and cleaners.

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Our Mission

We’re here for our members to provide business development opportunities through networking. We aim to help your business gain even more business through our inclusive and innovative group breakfast meetings and networking events.

Our Vision

We help our members to grow to their full potential professionally and personally with support from our wide network of skilled professionals. We always welcome new members from businesses of any size to join us gaining the benefits and connections from our community.

We do things a little differently around here.

Network One is different from other networking groups in that it doesn’t rely on an annual fee structure, or the need for targets to achieve a certain number of referrals. If you need a particular business, just make contact with them and let the power of networking do the rest.

You can also find the many businesses you are looking for on our website. You can easily get to know the people who run them by joining Network One and logging in to the members’ section. Or, simply come along as a visitor to see what all the fuss is about. It’s a perfect chance to meet the great people behind Canberra’s leading business networking group.

Our Core Values

There’s nothing we value more than creating meaningful connections. We believe that it’s time to change the way the networking world does business. Ready to join us?


Building Business Relationships

At Network One, we build businesses one relationship at a time. By banding together, our members at Network One have the opportunity to grow their businesses and support each other through the trials and tribulations of entrepreneurship.


Creating a Reliable Community

We share our experiences and cultivate a strong community of like-minded professionals who you can always rely on. Our supportive members are here to help out whenever you need it, offering a range of products and services.


Leading Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Lifelong learning is key to growth and success. Our unique network is where innovators and entrepreneurs can share and celebrate new ideas. Together we work towards creating a brighter future with businesses that flourish.

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