What power does networking bring me?

Kellie Nissen (Just Right Words)

I very nearly didn’t show up to my first network meeting a year ago.

I’d barely started in my business, so who did I think I was going along to a networking meeting with a whole heap of other established business owners? What could I possibly have to offer?

Turns out—Network One is not like that at all. 

What we have in our networking group is a cluster of friendly, sharing, supportive and like-minded people who love a chat, and a joke, but who also want to make connections and help each other out. 

Over the last year, just being a member of Network One and attending those breakfasts at the Hyatt every Friday morning, has been life-changing. I’ve seen and felt my confidence grow. It’s because of this group, and the people in it, that I can now put myself out there and network in other settings. I can spruik what I do. I can put my hand up for jobs without feeling like I’m overselling myself, or that someone else could do a better job.

Would it have happened if I hadn’t gathered the courage a year ago to walk into the Hyatt and sit down at a table full of business people I didn’t know? Maybe, but I suspect it would have taken a lot longer – and time is not a luxury you have in business.

Do it today!