Networking and COVID-19

Kellie Nissen (Just Right Words)

The Friday group in Network One are a special group of people—as are the other groups. There are lots of laughs. At the moment, via Zoom, there is also lots of support and opportunity for people to simply voice what they are going through with COVID-19. 

That’s the whole point with networking though.

We are there for each other in the good times and the bad. 

We are there to offer advice, suggestions and support.

Above all, we are there to just listen—to allow our colleagues, our friends, to say what they’re feeling, and feel that their experiences are validated.

Networking is super-important not just to grow your business—but more so, to grow your confidence. That’s what it’s done for me.

And, if just turning up each week on Zoom to show my support for my business friends, and to listen to them, is what it takes to help out—then I’m there for that.

It’s time to pay back in kind.