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Glenn Sheather is a horticulturist and a lawn and garden care specialist with 30 years’ experience working in the industry. His business, Glenn Sheather Horticulture, has been operating for three years, with the majority of work involving private gardens where a high emphasis is placed on presentation. One of the highlights of Glenn’s career was being Horticultural Manager at Cockington Green Gardens. The motto at Cockington Green Gardens is ‘where the little things count’, and Glenn carries this through to his current practice. Why choose Glenn Sheather Horticulture? Gardens are investments! They create ambience and enjoyment, and gardening brings immeasurable therapy to the mind and soul. But, many of us are ‘time poor’ or have limited knowledge of how to make gardens sustainable. Glenn has experience and a clinical knowledge of plants. He understands the science behind why and how plants grow. Glenn is the face behind the name. He is passionate about the products he nurtures and the industry. Glenn delivers great service with a great attitude and is happy to share his vast knowledge with his clients. Whatever your lawn or garden care needs are — from one-off to ongoing, small or large areas, domestic or commercial — Glenn Sheather Horticulture can cater for your requirements.
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