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22/41-43 Liardet St Weston ACT 2611 , Canberra , Australia
Key Real Estate ACT
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0400 281 395
Gay Spooner is the joint owner and joint managing director of Key Real Estate ACT Pty Limited. From small beginnings, Key Real Estate has grown to now offering a full suite of sales and property management services delivered by outstanding people who are totally committed to the principle on which Key Real Estate was established and that drives its business culture of providing a best a practice service to its clients underpinned by the owners/directors being actively involved in all aspects of the business. With over 14 years of local market experience and over $230 million in completed sales Gay has established herself as one of the top go-to people in the Canberra/NSW real estate industry. This status has been further enhanced in recent years by her ever-growing property management portfolio which she personally manages. Win-win transactions matching sellers with buyers at the right price with the right property is hands down the most enjoyable aspect of Gay’s real estate sales practice. Gay’s property sales practice illustrates that achieving successful outcomes involves a lot of work, a lot of strategic planning, a lot of market knowledge, a lot of dedication, a lot of empathy, and a lot of skill which only comes with a lot of experience. The bottom line in Gay’s sales service is that there is no substitute for competence, capability, trust and successful results. In relation to pricing a property for rent, Gay has a clear understanding what the current market is willing to pay for a particular property in a particular location is key to provide assurance to both the landlord and prospective tenant. And it is this approach to her property management portfolio that underpins a comfortable stress-free relationship between all of the parties. So, when meeting with new and existing landlords to discuss appropriate rent rates Gay takes the time to objectively compare properties; refers to research to confirm current market conditions; and of course, does the $10 per week test of how long will it take to recover one week’s lost rent if the rate is reduced by $10. Want to know more? Please give Gay a call 0400 281 395 or drop her an email
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