Anna Kovacs

Golden Spiral (Holistic Life Transformation Catalyst)
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What would you choose if you could change what is no longer suiting you, no longer serving you? What steps would you take?   Anna acts as a catalyst for personal transformation for her clients. As a Certified Life Transformed Coach and Reiki and Seichim Master, she acts as a  guide to assist people in exploring their authentic selves and to remove all that they are not. Each individualised session is a collaborative process created to assist in the transformation of each client.   Anna employs various tools, including energy, sound, essential oils and Bach Flower Remedies as part of her session. An invitation is extended to you to experience what energy restoration can do for you. A gentle but effective treatment where energy blocks are released (similar to the way acupuncture works) to enhance the body’s ability to naturally heal and promote wellbeing heir hands on the client, and there is no requirement to disrobe.   As a Post Graduand from the Nan Tien Insitute (Australia's first Buddhist based tertiary institution), Anna also guides clients through the health and wellbeing benefits that visualisation, meditations and mindfulness bring. The use of these tools assist in rebalancing all aspects of the individual into harmony to boost health and wellbeing. Anna works with individuals and groups with tailored sessions. If you are a business who is introducing a wellbeing program for your staff, please contact Anna to discuss how I can help your workplace  
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