About us

Canberra’s number one choice for networking

The Network One business network group is Canberra’s fastest growing and number one networking choice for making your business better.

The focus of Network One is to make referrals with other businesses within the group, all while enjoying a breakfast and a coffee (of course) in the pleasant surrounds of the Hyatt Hotel in Canberra.

The weekly meetings are especially powerful, when you see the great range of different business people who become an extended family to support and help grow your own business. Network One really has the A to Z of businesses covered, from accountants, real estate agents and IT professionals, to financial advisers, travel agents and cleaners. There’s even a granny flat builder as well!

Network One is different from other networking groups in that it doesn’t rely on an annual fee structure, or the need for targets to achieve a certain number of referrals. If you need a particular business, just make contact with them and let the power of networking do the rest.

You can also find the many businesses you are looking for on this page, and get to know the people who run them by joining Network One and logging in to the members’ section. Or simply come along as a visitor to see what all the fuss is about, and get to know the great people behind Canberra’s leading business networking group.

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